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Schedule for Exam 4

Question & Answer Session - Wed, April 26, 7:00-8:30, KLCT 113
Practice Exam - activated Wed evening
Exam 4 - Thur, April 27, 11:10, KLCT 115

We will not have class Tuesday - The lecture will be posteed on YouTube
I will  post to YouTube the Fall 2016 lecture on Pruning and Pest Control, and the 4th Exam will contain questions from the video.  The video posted by the end of the day Monday, Tuesday at the latest  I will send you another email with the link.  DVDs of the lecture  also will be available at West Campus Library Reserve; probably by the end of the day Tuesday.

I will be back for the Question and Answer Session Wed, 7:00-8:30, KLCT 113.  I can go over anything questions you have on the video.

Thanks for your patience.

"Yes, I have been paying attention in class."
People make cow trails and compact soils too!, courtesy of Jacob
Reed's Bucket List - which way does water drain at the equator, courtesy of Kyle
Garden Tower (Verticle Farming) courstesy of Keely
Rooting Powder, Addison had a Geeky moment reading chemical labels.

Lecture Videos Posted Online

Go to MediaMatix to view video tapes of lectures.
(This is a library service, and they determine the timing of posting the videos online.
Videos are not always posted promptly, especially towards the end of the semester.
Contact the library if you have questions.)

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