Jphnson Bobble Head Doll Aggie Baseball At Olsen Field

The Magical Season of 1989
89 Signed Ball
Signed by:
Chuck Knoblauch, Keith Langston, John Wood, "Big John" Byington, 
Scott Centala, Tony DeLaCurz, and Don Robinson
Chuck Knoblauch, John Byington, Terry Taylor, Keith Langston, Scott Centata, Jim Newmann, Tony DelaCruz and John Woods were all enrolled in or had taken HORT 201 - going to the game was like going to class.  My son and I watched the entire series against t.u. standing on top of 6-foot ladders looking over the left field fence  under the scoreboard.  That's when Aggie Alley really was "Aggie Alley".  "Big John" Byington's game winning home run sailed right over our heads.  Gosh, I almost fell off that ladder (and if I hadn't been tangled in the barbed wire, I probably would have).  That truly was the year that started "Olsen Magic". I can still remember the feeling after loosing the Sunday double-header to LSU in the 89 regional.  I have never been that emotionally drained and effected by a sporting event in my life.  It was a numbness that cannot be explained.  That also was the beginning of the LSU baseball dynasty of the 1990s.  To this day I just cannot stand purple and gold, even though Louisiana is my home state! (It also helps that I went ot USL in Lafayette and  LSU was to me as t.u. is to  Aggies). 

Yep, that's ole Dave freezing his you know what off at Olsen Field for  the opening series of the 2001 season.  Some people just don't have enough sense to come in out of the cold.  And no, I'm not sleeping. (Bryan College Station Eagle, February 11, 2001)
Tailgating between games at the 2003 NCAA Regional
Great depression set in upon loosing the tournament to Houston in the second double elimination game!  This picture obviously was taken after a game we won.