Horticulture 202 Laboratory 3


How to Write a Scientific Name

Practice Writing a Scientific Name

What is a Key?

Rules For Using a Key

Sample Key

Key Tutorial

Horticultural Sites


Horticultural Sites

Taxonomy, Nomenclature, & Plant Identification:

ASHS Plant Scientific Names
International Registration Authorities
Flowering Plant Family Identification
Plant Taxonomy Resources
Horticultural Societies:
The American Society for Horticultural Science
International Society for Horticultural Science
Horticultural Information:
Hardiness Zones
Horticulture Network
The Horticulture Web
The Plant Life of Texas
Texas A&M Heroes for Horticulture
Texas Horticulture Hall of Fame
Gardening Supplies/Seeds:
Burpee Seeds & Plants
Park Seed Online
Habitat/Wildlife Gardening:
Backyard Wildlife Habitat
Wild Birds Unlimited FeederCam
Kids' Gardening:
Gardening for Kids
Junior Master Gardeners
Outdoor Kid's Network
Other Sites:
The Death Clock
U.S. Naval Observatory Data Services
The Weather Channel

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