At this time an SI session for HORT 201 is not being offered.

Center for Academic Enhancement
Phone: 845-2724
e-mail: tba
 Web Page for Students: tba

The Center for Academic Enhancement sponsors the Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program for HORT 201. The SI Leader is Carey Evans. She can be reached through the Center for Academic Enhancement at the phone number shown above, or directly with her e-mail address. The SI program is tutorial instruction that functions independent of the instructor of the course.  It is managed by the Center for Academic Enhancement.  As such, the SI leader gives an fresh, independent and unbiased review of the lecture material.  The SI leader will offer special insight into the course and how to prepare for exams.  All students are strongly encouraged to attend as many of the SI sessions as possible.  The schedule for the SI sessions appears below. 

Weekly SI Schedule
Spring 2006 Semester

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